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Product News2016/12/21
CKD-MBD Chronic Kidney Disease - Mineral Bone Disease Biomarker - soluble Alpha Klotho ELISA Kit

About Alpha Klotho (α-Klotho) 
201612211644_1.jpgAlpha Klotho was identified as an extremely down-regulated gene in the genetically-modified mouse of which phenotype is very similar to various symptoms of human aging. The sequences of Alpha Klotho genes have been identified in various species including humans based on the one of mouse. Alpha Klotho protein is a 130 kDa, one-transmembrane protein and its expression is confirmed in the kidneys and the parathyroid glands. In recent years, it has become clear that Alpha Klotho is an important molecule within a living organism regulating the metabolism of mineral such as calcium and phosphorus. It is considered that in Alpha Klotho mouse, early aging-like symptoms are induced by impaired mineral homeostasis caused by decreased expression of Alpha Klotho. Meanwhile, it is reported that the long N-terminal extracellular domain which comprises the major portion of sequence of Alpha Klotho protein is released free into blood by shedding.


However, there are many unclear points about functions and changes in concentration of free (soluble) Alpha Klotho protein, so it was required to develop the measurement system of Alpha Klotho. This ELISA kit can measure Human soluble Alpha Klotho protein in human blood.

Updated Publication as of Nov. 2016
71 chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients (mean age was 75 years old) were enrolled in the prospective cohort study and the result of association of High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) subclasses with chronic kidney disease progression, atherosclerosis, and Klotho was reported in the following publication. 

Our assay kit #27998 Human soluble α-Klotho Assay kit – IBL was used in the study for measuring Alpha Klotho level in the patients as a biomarker of CKD-MBD (Choronic Kidney Disease - Mineral Bone Disease) and lipoprotein analyzing technology called LipoSEARCH that is provided by our affiliate company, Skylight Biotech. Inc. was used for obtaining the data of HDL subclasses and its particle number.

According to this study in the lipid profile comparison of CKD patients, it has been revealed that the particle numbers of small HDL is much higher in the stage 4 patient group compare to stage 5 patient group. It has been also observed that different HDL subclasses are associated with CKD progression, ABI, and Klotho level in CKD-stage-specific manner. The research group suggests that the function of subclasses in HDL associates with the progression of clinical condition and atherosclerosis in CKD patients.

Please refer to the follwoing original article to learm more.
Association of High-Density Lipoprotein Subclasses with Chronic Kidney Disease Progression, Atherosclerosis, and Klotho. Kanda E et al. PLoS One. 2016 Nov 18;11(11):e0166459. PMID: 27861640

About ABI
ABI (Ankle Brachial Pressure Index) is an index for checking the progression of atherosclerosis (checking the status of blood clots) calclated by the ratio of blood pressure at both uper arms and both legs in laying down the body.  
Additional information about ABI: WebMD: Ankle-Brachial Index Test

Our soluble Alpha Klotho Kits have been mainly used for bone related disease such as osteoporosis and various kidney disease research. We have the following kits that can quantitatively measure human and mouse soluble Alpha Klotho.  

Human Alpha Klotho
#27998 Human soluble α-Klotho Assay Kit - IBL

Mouse Alpha Klotho

#27601 Mouse soluble α-Klotho Assay Kit - IBL

The control sets for above ELISA kits are also available for sale.

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