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#28125 Anti-Rat CyCAP (74) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify

Intended Use:
Research reagents
Package Size1:
50 μg
Package Size2:
5 μg
Note on Application Abbreviations
WB:Western Blotting

※ The product indicated as "Research reagents" in the column Intended Use cannot be used
for diagnostic nor any medical purpose.

Product Overview

Product Code 28125
Product Name Anti-Rat CyCAP (74) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify
Intended Use Research reagents
Application WB, IP, IHC, ICC
Species Rat
Immunizing antigen Synthetic peptide of a part of Rat CyCAP (LGRAAFGPGKGPIMLDEVEC)The sequence used is 100% identical with Mouse CyCAP
Purification Method Purified with antigen peptide
Specificity Cross reacts with mouse CyCAP.
Package Form Lyophilized product in PBS containing 1 % BSA and 0.05 % NaN3
Storage Condition 2 - 8℃
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Applicable
Cartagena Not Applicable
Package Size 1 50 μg
Package Size 2 5 μg
Remarks1 The commercial use of products without our permission is prohibited. Please make sure to contact us and obtain permission.
Remarks2 CyCAP is also called Lectin galactoside-binding soluble 3-binding protein (Galectin-3 binding protein)、Mac-2-binding protein (M2BP). The region of antigen is as same as rat and mouse Mac-2 binding protein (M2BP) /Galectin-3 binding protein. Therefore the antibody cross reacts to Mac2bp.

Product Description

CyCAP is a binding protein for cyclophilin C in competition with cyclosporine. It is present in brain, kidney and macrophage cells and is known as an inflammation-related protein. In recent years, it has been reported that CyCAP forms complexes with calcineurin and NFATc1 in macrophages and enhances their phagocytosis activity. CyCAP is detected in macrophages both of in vivo and in vitro, and the signals increase when the macrophages are activated. Additionally, it is stained in neurocytes of rat brain tissues.

Note: This product is for research use only. It cannot be used as a diagnostic tool or drug.