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#27767 Tenascin-C Large (FNⅢ-B) Assay Kit - IBL

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Intended Use:
Research reagents
Measuring Method:
Sample Types:
Human, Mouse, Rat
Measuring Samples:
EDTA-plasma, Serum, Cell culture supernatant
Measurement Range:
0.20 ~ 12.5 ng/mL
Package Size1:
96 Well

Product Overview

Product Code 27767
Product Name Tenascin-C Large (FNⅢ-B) Assay Kit - IBL
Intended Use Research reagents
Measuring Method ELISA
Conjugate HRP
Species Human, Mouse, Rat
Measuring Samples EDTA-plasma, Serum, Cell culture supernatant
Measurement Range 0.20 ~ 12.5 ng/mL
Primary Reaction 60 minutes at 37 ℃
Secondary Reaction 30 minutes at 2 - 8 ℃
Sensitivity 44 pg/mL
Storage Condition 2 - 8 ℃
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Not Applicable
Cartagena Not Applicable
Measuring Service Not Available
Package Size 1 96 Well

Product Description

Tenascin-C is an extracellular matrix (ECM) glycoprotein that is composed of 210-400 kDa subunits consisting of four domains. One subunit has a TA domain at the N-terminal end, then an epidermal growth factor-like sequence domain (EGF-like domain), a fibronectin type III(FN III) repeat domain, and a fibrinogen-like domain at the C-terminal end. There is an alternatively spliced domain in the FN III domain, and it generates some types of variants of Tenascin-C. The subunits form a trimer by twisting at the N-terminal coiled domain and form a hexamer by a disulfide bond, in tissue. While low molecular weight variants of Tenascin-C are present in normal tissue, it is said that high molecular variants of Tenascen-C is expressed in various diseased tissue including cancer.


  • Question
    Q.What is the standard derived from?
  • Answer
    A.It is derived from the supernatant of the human nerve glioblastoma cells (U251).
  • Question
    Q.Is composition of EIA buffer of each ELISA kit all same? Can it be mixed to use?
    ELISA common FAQ
  • Answer
    A.No it isn't. As constitute of each EIA buffer is different, it cannot be mixed with other lots or EIA buffers contained in other kind of ELISA kits.
  • Question
    Q.What is the composition of concentrated wash buffer?
    ELISA common FAQ
  • Answer
    A.It contains ordinary Tween and phosphate buffer (0.05% Tween-20 in PB).
  • Question
    Q.What is the feature of the plate?
    ELISA common FAQ
  • Answer
    A.We use plate that is flat bottom and removable strip type plate (8wellx 12 strips).
  • Question
    Q.Can I re-use standard after reconstitution?
    ELISA common FAQ
  • Answer
    A.Not recommended to re-use standard after reconstitution. Please use it at once after the reconstitution.
    Please note that there are some exceptions. One time freeze-thaw the standard is acceptable for use after reconstitution for some ELISAs.
    Please check the details on each product datasheet.
  • Question
    Q.What is different between reagent blank and test sample blank?
    ELISA common FAQ
  • Answer
    A.Reagent blank means a well is only added EIA buffer and the purpose is confirming whether the measuring value is influenced by lack of washing process. Test sample blank means a well is added EIA buffer and HRP antibody and the purpose is to calculate the background.
  • Question
    Q.How many samples can be measured by this kit?
    ELISA common FAQ
  • Answer
    A.The pre-coated plate contained in our ELISA kit is 96 wells plate. We recommend to use 16 wells (2 slits) for standard and 80 wells (10 slits) for 40 samples in duplicate.

Note: This product is for research use only. It cannot be used as a diagnostic tool or drug.