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#27800 YDK010/pPK4-HCP Assay Kit - IBL

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Intended Use:
Research reagents
Measuring Method:
Sample Types:
Measuring Samples:
Cell culture supernatant
Measurement Range:
31.25 ~2000 pg/mL
Package Size1:
96 Well

Product Overview

Product Code 27800
Product Name YDK010/pPK4-HCP Assay Kit - IBL
Maker Name Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Intended Use Research reagents
Measuring Method ELISA
Conjugate HRP
Species Others
Measuring Samples Cell culture supernatant
Measurement Range 31.25 ~2000 pg/mL
Primary Reaction 60 minutes 37°C
Secondary Reaction 30 minutes 37°C
Sensitivity 3.57 pg/mL
Specificity YDK010/pPK4-HCP 100%
Medium N.D.
Storage Condition 2~8°C
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Not Applicable
Cartagena Not Applicable
Measuring Service Not Available
Package Size 1 96 Well

Product Description

CORYNEX® is a novel protein/peptide expression system using Corynebacterium glutamicum (Corynebacterium Expression System). In the CORYNEX® system, C. glutamicum synthesizes and secretes recombinantly expressed proteins/peptides directly into the extracellular fermentation broth. Properly folded recombinant proteins can be recovered from the broth, which eliminates the processes of cell lysis and refolding. In the CORYNEX® system, host protein secretion has been minimized, and recombinant proteins may be transported extracellularly via one of two secretory pathways. Because C. glutamicum is a gram-positive bacterium, it lacks endotoxins, which simplifies the purification process. The CORYNEX® system has the advantage of a scalable, high cell-density fermentation process that can be used to manufacture commercially valuable proteins such as biopharmaceuticals, drug targets, and enzymes.
This product is a complete ELISA kit for the quantitative determination of the host cell proteins derived from CORYNEX® culture broth, using rabbit antibodies. 
The kit is for Research and Manufacturing Use Only and is not intended for diagnostic use in humans or animals.


Note: This product is for research use only. It cannot be used as a diagnostic tool or drug.