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#28153 Anti-Human LRAT (Lecithin Retinol Acyltransferase) (031) Rabbit IgG A.P.

  • W.B. Microsome fraction of Polar bear liver Image provided by: Dr. Yoshihiro MEZAKI, The Jikei University School of Medicine
  • I.H.C: Formalin fixed paraffin section of human hepatitis C liver Image provided by: Dr. Keisuke Nagatsuma, Kashiwa hospital of The Jikei University School of Medicine
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Intended Use:
Research reagents
Package Size1:
50 μg
Package Size2:
5 μg
Note on Application Abbreviations
WB:Western Blotting

Product Overview

Product Code 28153
Product Name Anti-Human LRAT (Lecithin Retinol Acyltransferase) (031) Rabbit IgG A.P.
Maker Name Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Intended Use Research reagents
Application WB, IHC
Species Human
Immunizing antigen Synthetic peptide of a part of Human LRAT (GKDKGRNSFYETSSF)
Purification Method Purified with antigen peptide
Specificity React with Human LRAT.
Package Form Lyophilized product from 1 % BSA in PBS containing 0.05 % NaN3
Storage Condition 2 - 8℃
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Applicable
Cartagena Not Applicable
Package Size 1 50 μg
Package Size 2 5 μg
Remarks1 The commercial use of products without our permission is prohibited. Please make sure to contact us and obtain permission.

Product Description

LRAT is a retinol-esterifying enzyme and it is mainly found in G0 stage of stellate cells (Ito cells) in liver. At stellate cells, LRAT is thought to take a role engulfing and pooling excess vitamin A released from hepatocytes.  As normal hepatocytes are characterized by lipid droplets pooling esterified vitamin A, LRAT is expected to be a marker of stellate cells in G0 stage. LRAT is also expressed in retinal pigment epithelium, small intestine epithelium and skin keratinocyte as well as liver. The physiological significance of LRAT protein at the endothelium is not clarified, yet.
This antibody reacts with stellate cells and endothelia of human.

Note: This product is for research use only. It cannot be used as a diagnostic tool or drug.