I Antibody related Business

R&D, Manufacture and Supply of Research Use Reagents

Antibody related Business

We have a broad range of antibodies and ELISA kits that are used worldwide for R&D in the field of cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. We also provide contract services to pharmaceutical firms and manufacturers of diagnostic products and supply high-quality customized antibodies and ELISA kits that respond to customer needs.

Supplying Materials for In-Vitro Diagnostic Products

bsi. MD 616241 / ISO13485

We supply antibodies to international business partners as materials of IVD products under a strict quality control system that complies with ISO 13485.

Licensing for Antibody Drugs

We are actively working to find valuable seeds for the development of future drugs and licensing business.

II Protein Production Business using
  Transgenic Silkworms

II Protein Production
  Business using Transgenic

Protein Production Business using Transgenic Silkworms

We use a production technology that employs transgenic silkworms to generate antibodies for research and diagnostic use and human collagen for cosmetic use. We also aim to successfully produce drugs by developing a protein which can be used as a material for fibrinogen, vaccines, and antibody drugs.

Step 1 Materials for Reagents and Diagnostic Products (Antibodies) → Step 2 Materials for Cosmetics (Human-Collagen) → Step 3 Development of Materials for Drugs

III Testing Service

We aim to contribute to medical care by providing support for drug research and development, preventing various disease, and conducting diagnosis.

IV Cosmetic Business

We supply Neosilk-Human Collagen I, which is produced from the silk of transgenic silkworms, as a material for cosmetics. We also distribute private cosmetic brands that contain Neosilk-Human Collagen I through multiple channels.

Cosmetic Business