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Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (IBL) is a Japanese antibody developer who supplies their own developed and manufactured antibodies and ELISA products worldwide. The company founder and the corporate president of IBL, Mr. Tsutomu Seito, is one of the pioneers of monoclonal antibodies.

Mr. Seito’s spirit and passion “Supplying valuable antibodies to save people fighting against diseases all over the world.” are reflected in our services and products as our corporate philosophy since the establishment of the company.

IBL Brand

We have unique in-house developed products that are supplied worldwide. The total number of IBL brand products is around 500 which consists of over 120 ELISA products and 350 antibodies.


History of IBL

IBL has been refining its skills and the quality of antibody development over decades since the company was established in 1982. The total number of antigens used for antibody development is over 5,000 and we have also provided more than 10,000 contract services in Japan.

Global Supply Network

Global Supply Network

IBL has an extensive global supply network through valued international distributors in major markets so that we are capable of supplying our products in around 80 countries.

Challenging for Innovation

Challenging for Innovation

IBL has always been striving for innovation in technology while maintaining traditional antibody development techniques.


Japan Quality

IBL has maintained ISO13485 certification since 2009. All our antibodies and ELISA products are manufactured and controlled in-house at our head office and main laboratory located in Japan. We are proud and confident in the quality of our products and services.
IBL carefully conducts all processes of antibody development with the utmost attention to the process of selecting sequence, immunization, screening, and cloning to find the best antibodies for a particular purpose. Our mission is to consistently supply quality products that are both highly specific and sensitive.

bsi MD 616241 / ISO 13485

IBL will support you until your assays are successfully completed


If you face any difficulties during your assays, we will do our best to support and work with you in finding the root of the issue together.
Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why can’t I get the expected results even though I followed the assay protocol exactly? What is wrong with my assay?” Please do not worry as we are always available to support you with any difficulties you face with your testing.

We will provide maximum effort for identifying the root cause of the issue by looking at the problem from all angles to identify the solution. We have extensive experience of the assays with over 40 years as the manufacturer of these antibodies. We will share all available knowledge and experience of our assays for you to successfully complete your mission.

Lipid Profiling and Analyzing Service – LipoSEARCH

LipoSEARCH is a customized service for the provision of lipoprotein profiling and analyzing through the use of a unique gel-filtration HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) method, which makes it possible to profile and analyze lipoproteins from a tiny blood sample.

LipoSEARCH analyzes the major classes of lipoproteins (CM, VLDL, LDL, HDL) and the cholesterol and triglyceride levels of lipoprotein components contained in 20 subclasses, and delivers a complete set of profiling data of lipids in the blood. - Learn More -

We hope that we can support your research.
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Any IBL product introduced in this IBL news is applicable for research use only and it cannot be used for diagnosis or medical purpose.