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Product News2021/09/08
ANGPTL8 and glycolipid metabolism in diabetes patients
Product News2021/09/04
About IBL Brand (IBL Brand Videos - Updated)
Product News2021/07/08
Biomarkers - Titin-N Fragment (Summer Newsletter 2021)
Product News2021/06/21
New Release! Mouse Titin N-Fragment Assay Kit - IBL
Product News2021/04/02
Urinary Titin N-fragment in disease prognosis of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
Product News2021/03/26
Association between FGF21 and PEW in hemodialysis patients
Product News2021/03/26
Biomarkers - Lipid Metabolism - CVD Research (Spring Newsletter 2021)
Product News2021/02/18
Comparison study of lipoprotein particle number analysis between GP-HPLC (LipoSEARCH®) and NMR method in clinical evaluation of Pemafibrate drug efficacy
Product News2021/01/14
Elevated urinary Titin after acute stroke related to poor clinical outcomes
Product News2020/12/18
A Novel Biomarker "N-Titin" for Muscular Research (Winter Newsletter 2020)
Product News2020/09/30
New Release! Human Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) Assay Kit - IBL
Product News2020/09/09
New Release! Human GPIHBP1 Autoantibody Assay Kit - IBL
Product News2020/09/04
Tenascin-C and CVD events in T2DM – a prospective cohort study
Product News2020/06/12
α-Klotho and Deep white matter lesions : A pilot study using brain MRI.
Product News2020/06/05
ICU-AW and Urinary Titin N-fragment : A Pilot study
Product News2020/05/07
A novel in vitro screening method for anti-lipidemic agents – Lipoprotein profile and lipid metabolism analysis using fresh human hepatocytes isolated from PXB-Mouse🄬 .
Product News2020/02/10
Urinary Levels of Titin N-fragment are increased in subjects with NAFLD
Product News2017/06/14
How to wash ELISA plate using a wash bottle (Video)
Product News2020/10/26
A Novel Biomarker Panel for Lipid Research (Newsletter Autumn in 2020)
Product News2020/08/20
New Release Mouse / Rat (Total & Intact) Angiotensinogen ELISA Kits
Product News2019/10/10
High blood levels of soluble OX40 indicate reduced survival in patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
Product News2019/08/19
Human CD134/OX40 Assay Kit - IBL Newly Released!
Product News2019/06/28
NASH Research - Increasing fibrosis and inflammatory markers with liver function enzyme AST and ALT
Product News2019/06/28
Changes in serum LRG level relates with the prognosis in primary biliary cholangitis (PBC).
Product News2019/03/29
Adiponectin Receptor and visual system abnormality - From model mice study.