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Product News2019/03/29
Adiponectin Receptor and visual system abnormality - From model mice study.
Product News2019/02/15
Mouse/Rat Intact Proinsulin CLEIA Kit Newly Released!
Product News2018/12/12
Cilostazol May Decrease Plasma Inflammatory Biomarkers in Patients with Recent Small Subcortical Infarcts: A Pilot Study
Product News2018/08/30
New Article: Influence of HAMA and requirement of SPE in measurement of active GLP-1
Product News2018/08/17
Drug Development for Hyperglycemia - Targets for focused TG control drug development
Product News2018/07/12
Human ApoA5 Assay Kit - IBL Newly Released!
Product News2018/07/02
Predict a long-term cognitive outcome of iNPH patients from change of Aβ42 toxic conformer ratio in CSF.
Product News2018/04/23
Human Intact Angiotensinogen Assay Kit - IBL Newly Released!
Product News2018/04/20
Human ANGPTL8 Assay Kit Newly Released!
Product News2018/03/30
IHC using Gd-IgA1 specific antibody (KM 55) / A new biomarker for IgA nephropathy (IgAN) and IgA vasculitis with nephritis (IgA-VN) – new article-
Product News2018/03/22
Marker for Pluripotent stem cells, Anti-SSEA-3 MoAb Newly Released!
Product News2018/03/13
N-terminal fragment of titin in urine is useful as a diagnostic and clinical biomarker for patients with DMD. - new article -
Product News2018/02/15
Biomarker for Metabolic Syndrome, Liver and Kidney disease! Human AIM/CD5L Assay Kit Newly Released!
Product News2017/12/18
High sensitivity / Wide range! Mouse/Rat Total Insulin CLEIA Kit Newly Released!
Product News2017/11/07
Relationship between mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which suggests early stage of Alzheimer's disease and Amyloid β toxic oligomer –new article-
Product News2017/10/27
Total Tau / Phospho Tau Assay Kit - Newly Released
Product News2017/10/10
ANGPTL2 in research of heart failure -new article-
Product News2017/10/10
α-klotho and Alzheimer’s disease –new article-
Product News2017/09/08
Measuring Total Insulin level in EDTA-plasma of High Fat Diet (HFD) hamster after applying drug for Hyperlipemia (Fenofibrate, αPPAR agonist)
Product News2017/07/20
Newly Released! LPL/HTGL Activity Kit
Product News2017/06/30
New Article – Development of a new ELISA that can measure HTGL by Serum
Product News2017/06/30
New discovery – Hypertriglyceridemia caused by autoantibodies against GPIHBP1
Product News2017/06/05
Diabetes! Mouse/Rat Intact Proinsulin ELISA kit Newly Released!
Product News2017/05/22
Newly Released - Lipase related Assay Kit (HTGL / EL / GPIHBP1) by Serum
Product News2017/03/30
“Angptl2” Senescence-accelerating protein - New insight has been reported.