IBL Technical Support

IBL will support you until your assays are successfully completed.

If you face any difficulties during your assays, we will do our best to support and work with you in finding the root of the issue together.

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why can’t I get the expected results even though I followed the assay protocol exactly? What is wrong with my assay?” Please do not worry as we are always available to support you with any difficulties you face with your testing. We will provide maximum effort for identifying the root cause of the issue by looking at the problem from all angles to identify the solution. We have extensive experience of the assays with over 40 years as the manufacturer of these antibodies. We will share all available knowledge and experience of our assays for you to successfully complete your mission.

How can IBL support you?

Is everything going smooth?
If not, please contact IBL as we are here to support you.

  • Quick & Thorough Responses

    IBL has a global distribution network for providing a multitude of support for our customers. We welcome the opportunity to directly receive any technical questions via email from our customers. We will provide the best support for you by collaborating with our team members across divisions of R&D, Production, QC, and Sales.

  • Investigation of the Cause

    We will review your assay process and investigate the possible cause of the issues with you. Based on our extensive experiences with assays, we will do our best to explore and identify the possible cause through various angles such as sample handling, dilution ratio, temperature, washing process, etc.

  • Sharing our Knowledge

    We will share our internal information (data) with you if we determine that the information is valuable for solving your issues. We will also re-evaluate our kit performance and share the new data with you if we feel it is required.

Cases – Technical Questions and Supports

About Standards (STD)

  • What is the composition of the STD?
  • Is it possible to mix the STD with other products or other lots?
  • Is it possible to freeze-thaw and re-use the STD after reconstitution?

About sample handling

  • What is the best timing for collecting urine?
  • How should blood samples be stored after blood collection?
  • How many times can freeze-thaw be repeated?

Cases – Trouble shooting

  • Variability was observed. How can I solve the issue?
  • A kit was left at room temperature. Does it have an effect on the quality of the kit?
  • Top O.D. is very low. What is the cause?
Please feel free to contact us!
Email: do-ibl@ibl-japan.co.jp

IBL Products and Global Network

About IBL Japan

Why IBL is chosen by global customers?

    Reliable Quality
    • Consistency & Accuracy
    • Stable Supply
    • Professional Support
  • Antibody
    In-house Development & Control
    • Select Sequence
    • Strive for Specificity
    • Production / QC

Since the company was established in 1982, we have always desired and striven for developing highly specific antibodies. With that desire, we believe that we can fulfill unmet medical needs through our work focusing on “highly specific antibodies.”

Over decades we have accumulated a very strong knowhow of antibody development. This knowhow, plus a passion for sharpening specificity, provides endless possibilities in various fields.

These highly specific antibodies may provide a path towards a solution if you are experiencing difficulties in your research.
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Please feel free to contact us!
Email: do-ibl@ibl-japan.co.jp