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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.Personal information collected

Personal information collected by us (the “Personal Information”) means personal information that can identify a person, either directly or indirectly. The Personal Information is collected via various means, including by being provided when making an enquiry or providing feedback with regard to the quality of our products and services, accessing information on our website, emails, face-to-face meetings and promotional events.

2.Intended use of Personal Information

The Personal Information collected by us is used for purposes such as correspondence regarding an enquiry or feedback with regard to our products and services, delivery of goods, providing information on our products and services, promotions, sales and marketing activities, market surveys and statistical analysis.

3.Cookies and Google Analytics

Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc., is used for our website, and Google Analytics uses cookies. Cookies are text files that exist on computers, and they are applied when you visit our corporate website and are identified as a user of our website. The following information is collected for the purpose of analyzing the site usage of users who visit our website.

  • -Information about devices used (product information of devices used, browsers, IP addresses, Internet service providers, geographic information etc.)
  • -History and footprints of your visit to our website (pages visited, time spent on each page, etc.)
  • -Accessing “click” information in emails sent by us

Please refer to the following link for further information regarding the terms of use for Google Analytics.

4.Personal Information obtained from third parties

We may also obtain and collect Personal Information that is already available to the public via the Internet and provided by third parties such as scientific articles, university websites and social media. The Personal Information collected using the method above contains your name, title, organization name, company name, email address, telephone number and interest, and the Personal Information may be used for the purposes described above in “2. Intended use of Personal Information.”

5.Sharing Personal Information with third parties

We share the Personal Information collected with third parties such as our group affiliate companies and business partners (e.g. distributors or the company that maintains and operates our website) for the purpose of promotion and sales and marketing for supplying our products and services, and as an essential activity for effective business operation under satisfactory signed agreements.

We also disclose the Personal Information to third parties in the following occasions.

  • (1)In accordance with the laws and standards.
  • (2)If it is necessary to protect human life or possessions.
  • (3)If it is an essential for public health.

6.Third party links on our website

Third party links may be contained on our website. The third parties can collect and obtain your Personal Information if you access their links via our website. Please note that we are not responsible for any third party’s privacy policy because we do not regulate any third party’s website.

7.Retention and protection of Personal Information

The Personal Information collected by us is not retained by us for any period that is longer than that for which we need it. We also make our best efforts to process the Personal Information adequately as much as possible.

8.Right of data protection

The person who has the right to the Personal Information collected by us has the right to correct, update and delete the Personal Information at any time. We use the Personal Information and send emails to the person regarding promotional events for the purpose of sales and marketing of our products and services. Please notify us via our email address do-ibl@ibl-japan.co.jp if you do not need to receive such information and wish to unsubscribe to our e-news.

9.Update our privacy policy

We make our best effort for reviewing and improving our privacy policy. We will upload the updated privacy policy on our website in timely manner.

10. Contact Details for our privacy policy

Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Main Email: do-ibl@ibl-japan.co.jp
Operating Hour: 8 am to 5 pm on Monday to Friday.
(Closed on weekends and public holidays.)