IBL Compliance Policy

We as a company and all of our employees here at IBL must observe laws and common rules as members of society. Keeping this attitude in mind, we run our businesses in a manner that ensures the healthy and continued existence of our company. We also always strive to conduct business and make managerial decisions grounded in the firm sense of morality required for a global society that is rapidly moving and culturally diverse. Likewise, we place great importance on regularly providing training to cultivate employees with high ethical standards, and who are capable of making the right decisions within their daily business operations.

Compliance Activities and Organizational Strategies

We established the Internal Audit Division and Compliance Division to ensure we run healthy businesses that comply with our own internal rules, as well as those of society. We have set up a sound monitoring system to ensure the smooth and proper performance of all our operational processes, thereby helping us achieve our management goals. We also conduct compliance training for employees involved with compliance-related activities to provide them with a firm understanding of the rules.

Compliance in Research and Development

We conduct R&D activities in compliance with internal rules and laws, such as drug legislation, and rooted in a high regard for protecting animals and respect for the sanctity of animal life. We established the Animal Test Ethical Committee, and set rules concerning laws related to the protection and management of animals in tests required for reagent development and production, the provision of customized services, and the development of in-vitro diagnostic products. Click here to learn more about our ethical policy for R&D activities.

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