Ethical Policy for Research and Development

Ethical Policy for Research and Development

Ethical Review Board

We established our Ethical Review Board, which is made up of outside board members, for the purpose of examining and evaluating our R&D and production activities that use samples obtained from the human body, ensuring that they comply with various ethical policies and guidelines. The Ethical Review Board always approaches ethical issues with a fair and impartial mind.

■Relevant Provision
・Ethic Review Board Rules
・Management Guidelines for Samples Obtained from the Human Body

Ethical Consideration in Animal Testing

We comply with the laws concerning animal protection and management in our animal immunization experiments for the production of customized antibodies, making our best efforts to find a “replacement” (alternative testing method), successfully achieve a “reduction” (in the number of animals used in testing), and pursue “refinement” (less stress). Our animal immunization experiments for our customized services are reviewed by the Animal Testing Ethics Committee before they are conducted. There is also a self-monitoring system in place to monitor experiments and ensure they are conducted in an appropriate manner. In addition, we have a self-evaluation system for evaluating approved animal breeding plans and conducting annual memorial services for the animals that pass away in experiments. The Japanese Society of Laboratory Animal Resources inspected us in 2012 and certified that animal testing is conducted and managed appropriately at our facilities.

■Relevant Provision
・Animal Test Guidelines
・Animal Protection Policy (Procedures)
・Animal Testing Ethics Committee (Procedures)

Ethical Consideration in Transgenic Experiments

We established a safety committee to oversee the transgenic experiments performed at IBL. The committee sets the necessary rules for ensuring that internal transgenic experiments and the handling of transgenic materials are conducted appropriately and safely.

■Relevant Provision
・Guideline for the Safe Management of Transgenic Experiments
・Transgenic Experiment Safety Committee