Company Overview / History

Company Overview

Company Name Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Foundation September 9th, 1982
President Tsutomu Seito
Office Address Head Office Fujioka Laboratory
1091-1 Naka Aza-Higashida, Fujioka-Shi, Gunma 375-0005, JAPAN
TEL: +81 (274) 22 2889
FAX: +81 (274) 23 6055

Mikasa Laboratory
440-22 Okayama, Mikasa-Shi, Hokkaido 068-2165, JAPAN
TEL: +81 (1267) 2 3500
FAX: +81 (1267) 2 3443

Maebashi Laboratory
1-39-3 Asahi-cho , Maebashi-Shi, Gunma 371-0014, JAPAN
TEL: +81 (27) 212 9700
FAX: +81 (27) 212 9701

Akita Analysis Center
100-4 Sunada, Iijima, Akita-Shi, Akita 011-0911, JAPAN
TEL: +81 (18) 880 5060
FAX: +81 (18) 880 5061
Capital 50 million yen (As of 30th September 2023)
Employees 59 (As of 31st March 2023)
Business Description ■Research, develop, manufacture and supply various immunological research reagents, and customized services.
■Research and development on the materials used in diagnostic products and valuable seeds in our existing portfolio, and aim to obtain approval for their use in in-vitro diagnostic products and drugs.
■Research and development on state-of-the-art technology for protein production using transgenic silkworm cocoons, which make it possible to create valuable proteins as well as antibodies.
Main Banks ■The Gunma Bank, Ltd. (Fujioka Branch)
■Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Takasaki Branch)
■The Towa Bank, Ltd. (Fujioka Branch)


Sep. 1982 IBL is established in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, with 5 million yen in capital, as a company that engages in the immunological study, development, production, and distribution of diagnostic reagents and research reagents. A laboratory is opened in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan.
Aug. 1986 The laboratory is moved to Fujioka, Gunma, Japan.
Dec. 1987 The head office is moved to Fujioka, Gunma, Japan.
Apr. 1994 A factory is constructed in Fujioka Laboratory to boost production capacity.
Oct. 1999 IBL successfully mass produces Arthritogenic mAb Cocktails, our first commissioned manufacturing.
Apr. 2001 A new building with a transgenic research facility is constructed at the Fujioka Laboratory.
Mar. 2004 IBL obtains ISO9001: 2000 certification.
Jun. 2004 The head office is transferred to Takasaki.
Mar. 2005 Mikasa Laboratory is opened with a laboratory animal breeding facility designed for drug seed discovery.
Mar. 2006 IBL concludes a worldwide licensing agreement with Astellas Pharma Inc. The agreement grants Astellas the exclusive rights to develop, manufacture, and market IBL’s anti-human Osteopontin antibodies, including 2K1, for therapeutic use.
Mar. 2007 IBL is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange (Hercules Market).
Jan. 2009 IBL obtains ISO13485 certification for the purpose of diagnostic agent quality control. (Antibody related Business)
May. 2010 Acquire Neosilk Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2010 The head office is moved to Fujioka-shi, Gunma, Japan.
Jan. 2012 Enter a distribution agreement with Takara Bio Inc. for research reagent products.
Jul. 2013 Acquire Skylight Biotech Inc. (Consolidated Subsidiary).
Nov. 2013 Establish Neosilk Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Consolidated Subsidiary).
Jul. 2016 A pilot plant complied GMP for production of drug materials using transgenic silkworm technology is constructed in Maebashi City, Gunma prefecture.
Mar. 2019 Acquired the shares of CURED Co., Ltd. by third-party allocation of shares and made it as an equity method affiliate.
Nov. 2021 Absorption of the subsidiary, Skylight Biotech Inc. (Short form merger).