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Aging, Neurodegenerative Alzheimer’s disease (AD) etc.

IBL started to focus on research and development in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) around 1995. Since that time we have been lining up ELISA and antibody products that detect important proteins in relation to “the amyloid hypothesis” such as Amyloid-beta Precursor Protein (APP), Amyloidβ and Tau protein. IBL has been manufacturing and supplying these products for over 20 years.

Made in Japan Quality

IBL has maintained ISO13485 certification since 2009. All our antibodies and ELISA products are manufactured and controlled in-house at our head office and main laboratory located in Japan. We are proud and confident in the quality of our products and services.

IBL carefully conducts all processes of antibody development with the utmost attention to the process of selecting sequence, immunization, screening, and cloning to find the best antibodies for a particular purpose. Our mission is to consistently supply quality products that are both highly specific and sensitive.

bsi MD 616241 / ISO 13485

IBL Products (ELISA)


α-Klotho– Transmembrane (TM) protein /
mainly expressed in kidneys and parathyroid glands

α-Klotho  – Transmembrane (TM) protein / mainly expressed in kidneys and parathyroid glands

α(Alpha) -Klotho protein is a one-transmembrane protein (130 kDa) that expresses in kidneys and the parathyroid glands and it has an important role for regulating mineral metabolism. It is considered that early aging-like symptoms are induced in α-Klotho knockout mice so it has also been focused on during research of Alzheimer’s disease. #27998 Human soluble α-Klotho specifically detects human soluble α-Klotho, KL1 and KL1+KL2.

Tau / Phosphorylated Tau

Tau 6 Isoforms

Tau 6 Isoforms

Tau is a microtubule binding protein (50 ~ 70kDa) that expresses in nerve axons and it has an important role for regulating stability of microtubules in neurons. Tau proteins consist of 6 isoforms that are produced by selective splicing as 3 repeats and 4 repeats Tau isoforms. #27811 Human Total Tau detects human total Tau (all tau isoforms) and #27812 Human Phospho Tau (181P) specifically detects human Tau that is phosphorylated threonine at position 181.

N-Titin / Other Products

h: Human m: Mouse r: Rat m/r: Mouse/Rat FL: Full-Length h.s.: High-Sensitive