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Product News2015/04/17
Metabolic Syndrome related Assay Kits
IBL has comprehensive range of metabolic syndrome related assay kits, such as lipases related assay kits (LPL, EL and HTGL), incretin related assay kits (GLP-1 and GIP), ApoB100, angiotensinogen, and soluble (Pro) renin Receptor “s(P)RR”.

Fasting test data is also available in the above PDF files.

Click the following links to learn more about the assay kits.

Lipase (Abnormal Lipid Metabolism) related Products
Incretin(Abnormal Carbohydrate Metabolism)related Products
ApoB100 (Abnormal Lipid Metabolism) related Products
Angiotensinogen (Hypertension) related Products
s(P)RR (Hypertension) related Products

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