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Product News2016/10/25
Human DMP-1 (Protein in the extracellular matrix) Assay Kit - IBL Newly Released!

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201610261520_1.jpgWe have released #27261 Human DMP-1 Assay Kit - IBL. Dentin Matrix Protein 1(DMP1) is a protein in one of proteins in the extracellular matrix that is family of mall Integrin-Binding Ligand, N-linked Glycoprotein (SIBLING).

It is synthesized as a full-length 105kDa proprotein and it is divided into 37kDa at N terminal side and 57kDa at C terminal side in the secretion process. It has a lot of acidic domains and it binds with calcium because of the feature that become negative charged within tissues and it has an important role for bone mineralization.

DMP1 expresses in osteocyte while other constitutive proteins in extracellular matrix such as Osteopontin, Osteocalcin and Bone sialoprotein express in osteoblast cells. Osteocyte which is a main constituent cell of bone regulates activities of osteoclastic cells and osteoblast cells and it adjusts bone remodeling process. It also acts as an endocrine cell which secrets FGF-23.

DMP1 in blood is considered as a candidate of biomarker which reflects activities of osteocyte and it is also suggested to become useful information for research of bone metabolism and phosphate metabolism.

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