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Product News2017/12/18
High sensitivity / Wide range! Mouse/Rat Total Insulin CLEIA Kit Newly Released!

We have released #27707 Mouse/Rat Total Insulin CLEIA Kit - IBL.
It has been recognized that it is important to measure insulin in plasma of rodent in non-clinical test of drug development of type 2 diabetes. Measuring insulin in fasting (F-IRI) for calculation of HOMA-R that is a
marker of insulin resistance is especially critical, however it was difficult to measure F-IRI in normal rat and mouse samples that is very low concentration by existing commercially available assay kit.

This CLEIA kit consists of 2 highly specific and sensitive monoclonal antibodies (clone: 13G4 and 26B2) and it can measure total insulin less than 0.1ng/mL in normal mouse and rat samples in fasting. Also CLEIA kit has a feature of wide measurement range and samples in fasting and after loading can be measured at the same dilution ratio (undiluted solution 5uL).

Measurement Range: 41.15 ~ 30,000 pg/mL (7 ~ 5,025 pmol/L)
Required Sample Volume: 5μL
Measuring Samples: Serum, EDTA-plasma

We also offer testing service using above assay kits by Skylight Biotech. Inc. 
Please contact our testing business team for further details.
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