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Product News2016/11/09
Alzheimer's disease - Amyloidβ / APP ELISA and Antibody (Comprehensive Product lineup)
We have been working on the research and development of Alzheimer’s disease research reagents. We have a comprehensive product lineup of Amyloid Beta and APP related research reagents that we supply to drug companies, diagnostic product makers, and academic researchers around the world.

New Product Info.
 #27709 Human Amyloidβ Toxic Oligomer Assay Kit - IBL

Oligomerization ofAmyloid Beta 42 is considered as an early event in Alzheimer's diseases. Irie et al. have proposed the toxic conformer with a turn at positions 22 and 23 in Aβ42 aggregates. This toxic Amyloid Beta conformer could form stable and neurotoxic oligomers. Antibody 24B3, highly specific for Amyloid Beta Toxic Oligomer, has been developed to be applied for ELISA assay kit. This kit can detect selectively putative Amyloid Beta oligomers in CSF. 

Monoclonal antibody with conformational specificity for a toxic conformer of amyloid β42 and its application toward the Alzheimer's disease diagnosis. Murakami K et al. Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 4;6:29038 PMID: 27374357

Amyloidβ / APP ELISA & Antibody Product 
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