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Product News2020/06/05
ICU-AW and Urinary Titin N-fragment : A Pilot study

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Kensuke Nakamura, MD, PhD, center head of emergency and critical care medicine, Hitachi General Hospital (Ibaragi, Japan) et al. have conducted a pilot study, in which they measured Urinary Titin N-fragment level (day 1, 3, 5, 7) and femoral muscle mass change with CT (between day1 and 10) of four adult patients admitted to ICU and reported how those measurement values correlate to each other. 

Urine TITIN N-fragment as a Novel Biomarker for Critical Illness Myopathy: A Pilot Study. Nakano H et al. Crit Care. 2020 Apr 28;24(1):177. 

ICU-AW (Acquired weakness) is a condition consisted of muscle strength and muscle mass decline and/or neuropathy, seen among critically ill patients in ICU. This health disorders are, because of its impacts to QOL after discharging and long term prognosis, drawing wide attentions in emergency and critical care medicine. However, there haven’t been so far valid biomarkers for ICU-AW. Whereas, Titin N-fragment is recently reported in cardiac disease, liver disease and sports medicine, as it reflects muscle damage in urine.  

This report revealed that urinary Titin N-fragment level were high with critically ill patients admitted to Hitachi general hospital ICU, and the level persisted high during observational period, with significant muscle mass decline evaluated with CT in all those patients. It is of interest that this report suggested Titin N-fragment might be a novel and useful marker of muscle damage in ICU-AW. 

For measurement of urinary Titin N fragment level, #27900 Titin N-Fragment Assay Kit - IBL is used in this report.

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