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Product News2022/01/12
A single bout of resistance exercise and α-Klotho change in blood

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Eisuke Ochi, PhD, associate professor at faculty of bioscience and applied chemistry, Hosei University (Tokyo) et al. have conducted a study, in which 12 healthy young men were participated and performed a single bout of resistance exercise, the change of the endothelial function, serum level of α-Klotho and endothelin-1 were assessed. As a result, it is reported that endothelial function decreased after the exercise, whereas serum α-Klotho increased transiently and significantly, there wasn’t a correlation between the change of endothelial function and the increase of serum α-Klotho.

Impact of a single bout of resistance exercise on serum Klotho in healthy young men. Morishima T. Ochi E. Physiol Rep. 2021 Nov;9(21):e15087.

α-Klotho is an anti-aging protein and its role is well documented in chronic kidney diseases. Studies were conducted in recent years to investigate its expression in brain, kidney, pituitary gland and skeletal muscle and beneficial effects to various organs. Attempts for drug developments targeting α-Klotho are also under way in United States.

Regarding the relationship between exercise and α-Klotho, it was reported that long-term aerobic exercise and a single high-intensity exercise increased blood α-Klotho levels, but its change after a single bout of resistance training wasn’t reported so far.

In this paper, it is of noteworthy that single bout of resistance exercise has increased serum α-Klotho significantly, while its change didn’t correlate to endothelial function.  

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