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Product News2023/03/13
New Release! Fibronectin Neosilk®, Plasma & Fibronectin Neosilk®, Cellular

Any IBL product introduced in this IBL news is applicable for research use only and it cannot be used for diagnosis or medical purpose.

We are pleased to announce that we start to sell
54071 Fibronectin Neosilk®, Plasma and
54072 Fibronectin Neosilk®, Cellular.

Fibronectin is one of the representative extracellular matrix proteins and controls cell adhesion/spreading, migration, proliferation and differentiation.

There are three isoforms of fibronectin: plasma fibronectin, cellular fibronectin and fetal fibronectin.

Among them, plasma fibronectin has been widely used as a scaffold material for cultured cells.
Since the fibronectin is prepared from human or animal blood, the risk of contamination with pathogens has been an issue.

Cellular fibronectin is an isoform that cells synthesize as an extracellular environment around them, and is suggested to have superior cell adhesion and spreading abilities compared to plasma fibronectin, and also the possibility to promote cell proliferation.
However, it has not been available as a purified product due to the difficulty of extracting it from human or animal tissues.

Therefore, we have developed a production technology for recombinant plasma fibronectin (Fibronectin Neosilk®, Plasm) and cellular fibronectin (Fibronectin Neosilk®, Cellular) using silkworms that are free from human-infectious pathogens.

We confirmed that these fibronectins form a dimer structure and bind to α5β1 integrin receptor.

They can be used as scaffolds for various cultured cells including mesenchymal stem cells (link to data materials).

We hope that we can support your research.
Please feel free to contact us.

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Antibody related Business Division
Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.
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