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Product News2016/04/01
Cutting edge Lipoprotein profiling service “LipoSEARCH”

New Publication

Distinct Differences in Lipoprotein Particle Number Evaluation between GP-HPLC and NMR: Analysis in Dyslipidemic Patients Administered a Selective PPARα Modulator, Pemafibrate. Yamashita S et al. J Atheroscler Thromb. 2021 Feb 2.

#76101 - 76105 LipoSEARCH (Lipoprotein Profiling Service)

New Insight – Theory of Analysis of Lipoprotein Particle Number based on spherical particle model by LipoSEARCH

A new insight with regard to the theory of analysis of lipoprotein particle number based on spherical particle model by LipoSEARCH has been published by our senior technical advisor, Dr. Okazaki, professor emeritus at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.  Please click the following link to learn more.

Recent Advances in Analytical Methods on Lipoprotein Subclasses: Calculation of Particle Numbers from Lipid Levels by Gel Permeation HPLC Using “Spherical Particle Model” Mitsuyo Okazaki and Shizuya Yamashita J.Oleo Sci. 65, (4) 265-282 (2016)

Source:J.Oleo Sci. 65, (4) 265-282 (2016)


What is LipoSEARCH?
LipoSEARCH is a cutting edge “lipoprotein profiling service” based on a Gel Permeation HPLC followed by a unique data analysis algorithm (patented).  Learn More

Advantages of LipoSEARCH
1.    Provides detailed of lipoprotein profiling data.
   ◆Cholesterol and triglyceride in 4 major classes (CM, VLDL, LDL, HDL). 
   ◆Cholesterol and triglyceride in 20 sub-classes defined by a particle size.
    ➡Inclusive quantitative determination of small, dense LDL*.
     *small, dense LDL is considered as a high risk marker of arteriosclerosis.
   ◆ Particle size and particle number.
2.    Tiny amount of samples (Human: 45µL* / Animal: 35µL) in blood is only required.
       ➡ Suitable for any research using small animal samples e.g. from mice.
3.    High reproducibility because of the applied technology: Gel Permeation HPLC.
4.    Requires only tiny amount of blood samples (Human: 45µL* / Animal: 35µL).
5.    Low concentration samples such as medium or CSF also can be applied.
* It is not often phenomenon but, reanalysis might be required depending on samples such as a chyle sample. We recommend you to send us ≧100μL (Human) for such requirement if possible. We do not charge for the sample failed to be analyzed due to deficiency of actual sample volume for reanalysis.

How LipoSEARCH can be used?
LipoSEARCH is a useful analyzing tool for
1.    Evaluating of drug efficacy and mechanism.
2.    R&D of functional food for dieting.
3.    Clinical and basic research of clinical condition of metabolic syndrome etc. Lean More

Which research field can be applied for LipoSEARCH?
LipoSEARCH can be applied for the following fields.
✔Drug R&D or research in the field of;
yperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, cardio vascular diseases, cerebral stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), hepatitis, depression and Alzheimer’s Diseases
✔Functional food R&D
✔Veterinary practice etc.

✔ LipoSEARCH has been internationally recognized as a reliable lipid profiling service and over 350 references have been published. Search reference
Top10 Remarkable References
✔  LipoSEARCH has experienced to be applied for 
   ◆Non-clinical test, clinical trial phase II and phase III for new drug development and clinical trial after the commercialization.
   ◆Evidence of efficacy for functional food development.

LipoSEARCH - Presentation

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