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Product News2021/03/26
Biomarkers - Lipid Metabolism - CVD Research (Spring Newsletter 2021)

Spring is the season when metabolism increases.  
The highlight of this newsletter is Lipid Metabolism.

IBL has a comprehensive and unique lipid metabolism related biomarkers and lipoprotein analyzing services for CVD reserach.

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✔ The significance of triglyceride (TG) controls has been focused in recent studies.

✔ LPL is an enzyme which catabolizes TG and it has an important role for TG metabolism. Possible risk factors that positively regulate LPL activity, such as ApoA5, ApoB100 and GPIHBP1 might be targeted in drug development for TG controls.

✔ The new insight regarding existence of GPIHBPI autoantibody as a novel pathological unit has been reported as a cause of Hypertriglyceridemia. New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

Lipid Metabolism Map


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