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Product News2021/11/11
Lipoprotein profiling service (Autumn Newsletter 2021)

Autumn is full of Harvest and you must enjoy autumn tastes. This newsletter focus about Lipoprotein analysis .

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LipoSEARCH is a cutting edge “lipoprotein profiling service” based on a Gel Permeation HPLC followed by a unique data analysis algorithm (patented).

Comparable to Golden standard method 
The study confirmed LipoSEARCH® gave Triglyceride (TG) levels in LDL comparable to Ultracentrifugation (UC) precipitation method. UC precipitation method is a Golden standard method of Lipoprotein profiling which is time-consuming and technically demanding. LipoSEARCH® is a SIMPLE and FULLY-AUTOMATED system.
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NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) method vs. LipoSEARCH 
A new interesting scientific paper has been published which evaluated dose depending drug efficacy in dyslipidemia using 2 analytical method (GP-HPLC and NMR). The study indicates that LipoSEARCH® (GP-HPLC) is much accurate for analyzing lipoprotein particle numbers (PNs) compare to NMR and it can be a useful tool for assessing drug efficacy.

LipoSEARCH (Lipoprotein Profiling Service) #76101 - 76105

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