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Product News2021/09/08
ANGPTL8 and glycolipid metabolism in diabetes patients

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Marina Harada, M.D. at Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Yokohama City University Medical Center (Yokohama, Japan)et al. have conducted a study in which they evaluated lipid and glucose metabolism markers in blood of 84 hospitalized diabetes patients and its association to lipid metabolism. As the result, among markers that were analyzed, they revealed that ANGPTL8 showed a significant positive correlation with triglyceride (TG), ANGPTL3 displayed significant positive correlation with HDL-C, and patients with high level of both ANGPTL3, ANGPTL8 showed high levels of TG and small dense LDL-C/LDL-C (%).

Please refer to the following publication for more details.
Harada M et al. Association between ANGPTL3, 4, and 8 and lipid and glucose metabolism markers in patients with diabetes. PLoS One. 2021 Jul 22;16(7):e0255147

Lipid management, especially with respect to TG in patients with diabetes is thought to be insufficient in current therapeutic agents and new approaches are needed. On the other hand, members of ANGPTL proteins, especially ANGPTL3, 4, 8 have been reported as factors that affects TG levels via their inhibition of LPL activities. 

In this study, from the result that high levels of ANGPTL3, 8 had the worst lipid profile, and analysis that ANGPTL8 was closely associated with high TG levels, it is suggested that ANGPTL8 may be a therapeutic target in diabetic patients. 

In this paper, our kit below and our group company's lipoprotein analysis by GP-HPLC (LipoSEARCH🄬) are used to measure blood ANGPTL3, 4, 8 levels and analyze lipid profile.

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