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Product News2018/08/17
Drug Development for Hyperglycemia - Targets for focused TG control drug development

*Trend of drug development of hyperlipidemia*

Problem - Remained risk of cardiovascular event
The remained risk of cardiovascular event has not been decreased while cholesterol control has been dramatically improved up to the edge of possible range by globally and widely used drugs such as statin, Ezetimibe and PCSK9 inhibitor.

Significance of TG control
In recent study, it has been remarked significance of triglyceride (TG) control. The new drug development that inhibits regulating factors of LPL activity that is critical for TG metabolism has been progressing on a fast track.

Future Drug Development (Angptl3, ApoC3, Angptl4 and Angptl8 inhibitors)
The factors that negatively regulate LPL activity like Angptl3 inhibitor and recent hop topics “the development of ApoC3 inhibitor” have been actively discussed by researchers. It has been expected that the most focused drug development might be Angptl4 inhibitor and/or Angptl8 inhibitor in near future.

Possible Drug Development Target (ApoA5 and GPIHBP1)
It has been considered that possibly the factors that positively regulate LPL activity like ApoA5 or GPIHBP1 might be targeted for drug development for the purpose of TG controls. Especially it has been suggested that ApoA5 could be important risk factor for early-onset myocardial infarction as same as LDL receptor by genome analysis.

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