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Product News2020/12/18
A Novel Biomarker "N-Titin" for Muscular Research (Winter Newsletter 2020)

We are pleased to announce the new products highlighted in 2020.

Titin, also known as Connection, is a long elastic protein mainly located at cross striated muscle. Titin is cleaved and released into blood and urine when muscles are damaged. Titin-N Fragment is a useful tool in research of sport medicine (muscle damage), NAFLD, cardiac disease, sarcopenia and frailty.

Anti-Titin-N (53A1) Mouse IgG MoAb (#10423)
Anti-Titin-N (144A2) Mouse IgG MoAb (#10425)
*These antibodies specifically react to human Titin N-Fragment and can be used in ELISA application.

Titin N-Fragment Assay Kit - IBL (#27900)
*Not available in US due to third party's right

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