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Product News2024/04/01
Human Uromodulin ELISA Kit New release!

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Uromodulin Any IBL product introduced in this IBL news is applicable for research use only and it cannot be used for diagnosis or medical purpose.
We are pleased to announce that we newly released #27799 Human Uromodulin ELISA Kit - IBL.

Clinical Significance of Blood Uromodulin Measurement
(Measurement of Uromodulin in Blood)

 The research group of Professor Ryosuke Usui(M.D.) of Renoprotect Inc. has developed the Uromodulin ELISA Kit, which can measure uromodulin in blood.
 The kit will be manufactured by IBL and marketed globally in Japan and overseas as #27799 Human Uromodulin ELISA Kit - IBL.
 The kit is a research reagent that can screen for chronic kidney disease, early renal function decline, and changes in renal function over time, and can now be used by various laboratories.
【Referrence】 In this paper, the significance of Uromodulin measurement is examined using a monoclonal antibody that specifically detects Uromodulin.

Significance of Measurement in Chronic Kidney Disease

 In this study, blood uromodulin concentrations have be measured by stage by creatinine-calculated eGFR (and by cystatin C-calculated eGFR) and be examined the significance of measurements.(Ref.1)

【 Results 】

(1) Significant reduction in blood uromodulin concentration is observed at eGFR<60.
Note that eGFR<60 is one of the diagnostic criteria for CKD.
(2) Even very early renal function decline, eGFR<90, showed a significant decrease in blood uromodulin.
 Blood Uromodulin Level Blood Uromodulin Level

Significance of Measurement in Acute Kidney Disease

 In this study, it has also reported the following regarding blood uromodulin in acute kidney disease.(Ref.2)
(1)  Among the important pathologies of acute kidney injury, it may show abnormally high blood uromodulin levels in acute tubular injury and acute interstitial nephritis.
(2)  Uromodulin is a protein derived from renal tubules, and is expected to be a usefull blood biomarker for understanding the pathology of renal tubules and interstitium.

#27799 Human Uromodulin ELISA Kit - IBL

 Uromodulin is a highly organ-specific protein that is produced only in the renal tubules of the kidney. Also known as Tamm-Horsfall protein, it is the most abundant protein in urine.
 Recently, it has been reported that uromodulin is present in trace amounts in blood and its concentration correlates with estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). (Ref.2) Uromodulin may be excreted in urine as an aggregate or a component of hyaline casts, depending on the nature of the urine and the state of the disease. On the other hand, it is reported that uromodulin in serum is present as a single substance, more suitable for quantitative measurement.

This ELISA kit specifically measures Uromodulin in human serum and EDTA-plasma.

【Research reagents】
Product Code: 27799
Product Name: Human Uromodulin ELISA Kit - IBL
Package Size: 96Well
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