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Events / Others2018/09/10
Exhibit at ASN Kidney Week October 23 - 28 in San Diego, USA
We will exhibit at ASN Kidney Week 2018 in San Diego, USA from October 23rd (Tue.) to 28th (Sun.) 2018 with our USA  distributor Immuno-Biological Laboratories, Inc.  (IBL-America).

We will present our products (#27600 Gd-IgA1 (Galactose-deficient IgA1) Assay Kit - IBL and #10777 Anti-Human Gd-IgA1(KM55) Rat IgG MoAb) that are used for IgA nephropathy (IgAN) research and various other kidney-related research rp at the exhibition.

【Poster Session at ASN Meeting】

Professor Yusuke Suzuki and Associate Professor Hitoshi Suzuki, Juntendo University Faculty of medicine, Tokyo Japan will present a following poster at the ASN meeting.
Scheduled Date: October 25, 2018 (Thursday) 10AM
Category: 1202 Glomerular Disease: Immunology and Inflammation - I
Poster Number: TH-PO0822
Poster Title: Urinary Galactose-Deficient IgA1 Represent a Disease-Specific Marker of IgA Nephropathy

It is suggested that urine Gd-IgA1 may be useful tool as a disease specific biomarker of IgAN. Please refer to the abstract from the following link.
We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition.

Period: October 23rd (Tue.) - Oct 28th (Sun) 2018
Place: San Diego, USA
Venue: San Diego Convention Center
Exhibition: October 25th (Thu) -October 27th (Sat)
Booth Number: 2338 ※Presented by IBL-America (Our USA Distributor)

#27600 Gd-IgA1 (Galactose-deficient IgA1) Assay Kit - IBL
#10777 Anti-Human Gd-IgA1(KM55) Rat IgG MoAb

#27998 Human soluble α-Klotho Assay Kit - IBL
#27601 Mouse soluble α-Klotho Assay Kit - IBL

#27412 Human Total Angiotensinogen Assay Kit - IBL
#27742 Human Intact Angiotensinogen Assay Kit - IBL

#27782 soluble (Pro) renin Receptor Assay Kit - IBL

#27265 Human AIM/CD5L Assay Kit - IBL

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