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Product News2016/12/05
Control Sets for some IBL ELISAs are now available for sale

We have released the following control sets for sale on request.

Released Date: 5th Dec 2016
Package form: Lyophilized products
(Hx 2 vials & Lx2 vials in total 4 vials)
Size: Depend on the product
Sales: On Request
Lead Time: Approx 2 - 3 weeks upon receiving the order.
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances: Depend on the product
Storage and Shelf Life: The lyophilized control sets should be stored at 2 ~10℃ and immediately used after the reconstitution (only one-time use). The shelf life before open is 1 year.

The following control sets are available for sale.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in control sets other than listed below.

Product code   Product name
27101-QC    Rat VEGF Control Set
27121-QC    Human Fibulin-5/DANCE Control Set
27131-QC    Human G-CSF Control Set
27138-QC    Mouse GROβ/MIP-2 Control Set
27141-QC    Human SCF Control Set
27142-QC    Human GROβ Control Set
27162-QC    Rat GRO/CINC-1 Control Set
27182-QC    Human EL Full-Length Control Set
27188-QC    Human Syndecan-4 Control Set
27193-QC    Rat IL-1β Control Set
27194-QC    Rat TNF-α Control Set
27201-QC    Human GIP, Active form Control Set
27263-QC  Human EL C-Terminal Control Set
27412-QC    Human Total Angiotensinogen Control Set
27601-QC    Mouse soluble α-Klotho Control Set
27701-QC    Mouse GIP, Total(h.s.) Control Set
27702-QC    Mouse GIP, Active form(h.s.) Control Set
27703-QC    Rat GIP,Total(h.s.) Control Set
27704-QC    Rat GIP, Active form(h.s.) Control Set
27705-QC    Mouse/Rat Total Insulin Control Set
27709-QC    Human Amyloidβ Toxic Oligomer Control Set
27711-QC    Human Amyloidβ (1-42) Control Set
27716-QC    Human Amyloidβ (N3pE-42) Control Set
27717-QC    Human Amyloidβ (1-38) Control Set
27718-QC    Human Amyloidβ (1-40) (FL) Control Set
27721-QC    Mouse/Rat Amyloidβ (1-42) Control Set
27732-QC    Human sAPPβ-w(h.s.) Control Set
27733-QC    Human sAPPβ-sw(h.s.) Control Set
27734-QC    Human sAPPα(h.s.) Control Set
27742-QC    Human Intact Angiotensinogen Control Set
27752-QC    BACE1 Control Set
27762-QC    α2, 6-Sialyltransferase Control Set
27765-QC    Rat N-ERC/Mesothelin Control Set
27768-QC    Mouse IL-6 Control Set
27770-QC    Rat LRG Control Set
27776-QC    Human APP βCTF Control Set
27784-QC    GLP-1, Active form Control Set
27785-QC    Mouse LRG Control Set
27788-QC    GLP-1 (9-36/37) Control Set 
27812-QC  Human Phospho Tau(181P) Control Set
27900-QC    Human Titin N-Fragment (Urine) Control Set
27996-QC    Human FGF19 Control Set
27997-QC    Human FGF21 Control Set
27998-QC    Human soluble α-Klotho Control Set

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